Carlo Wouters

Carlo Wouters

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Consultancy
    • FMCG
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Digital Transformation
    • IT & Data
    • General Management

Business Mentor profile

  • 20 years of experience in ICT, Consultancy & FMCG
  • Strong in bringing people, technology, and business together
  • M- and C -level track record in diverse environments
  • Start-up experience

Unique Carlo

With two young daughters running wild at home, Carlo's spare time is pretty limited. Music is his passion: he plays the guitar, the bass, keyboard, and drums. The perfect outlet, he states.

Carlo is very eager to learn; he needs to understand how things, technology, people, and teams work. No wonder his motto is: "Learn something new every day." According to Carlo, all moments are teaching moments, as he ponders and analyzes how they went and what can be learned and improved. "All you got to do is leave it better than you found it."

Heroes or idols he's never had. Even more, he's allergic to putting people on pedestals. "I admire traits; I don't idealize people." Skills like getting the world to look at things differently (E. Musk), negotiating, or the empathy of his daughter.

Mentoring is making others' journeys more accessible. How people deal with challenges intrigues Carlo. What are you willing to sacrifice as a person to overcome some obstacles? Carlo can structure complex growth scenarios well with his aptitude for complexity and wide range of experience and perspectives. And having had many mentors himself is unmistakably a considerable benefit as a mentor.

Carlo ends with this philosophical reflection about boundaries: "Complete freedom is paralyzing. Imposing even arbitrary rules stimulates creativity, he noticed when creating music. COVID's boundaries push us to opportunistically and creatively deal with things. We can come out better than ever before because we are forced to think differently."

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