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Ben Willems

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Business Mentor profile

The human fundamentals needed for transformation

Love the link, and to link, with binary processes, data...

Leadership, collaboration, (intercultural) communication, ownership, accountability

The challenges/opportunities anno 2024 'are big'! We yet realised great things: 'Men on the moon, The Eiffel Tower, heart transplants...' Our brain is huge, and with the right mindset/human sources (individually & collectively) we can realise great things again, for the sake of companys, humanity, the planet!

My expertise lies in that mindset/human source piece. Whatever it takes to get people over 'that threshold' to transform is my art. There lies my passion, my dream, my conviction: 'We can do that again'!

Convinced that Simplifying complexity is the basis for Change, transformation and wellbeing!

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