Peter Philippaerts

Peter Philippaerts

  • Secteur d'activité

    • Secteur de la finance et des assurances
    • Soins de santé
    • TIC
  • Emploi de mentorat d'entreprise

    • Marketing & Sales
    • Gestion opérationnelle
    • Gestion du changement

Profil du mentor d'entreprise

what do you do in your spare time? I am a football fan and supporter of Antwerp. I regularly go to festivals and do daily walks with my dog Yuca.

o what motivates you? I love connecting with people. I like to discuss and look for solutions together. People give me energy

o who is your hero? Nelson Mandela, despite everything, has continued to stimulate the debate between white and coloured people

o what is your motto? What is the problem you want to be solved ?

o what advice would you give young Greet? I would ask her to be patient and ask lots of questions to all the people who interest her. I would explain to her that the group is always stronger than the individual.

o why do you want to mentor? I have a very nice career and have been able to learn a lot . Because I assume that if we have the same information we can come to a better debate, I want to share as many of my insights as possible.

o what makes you a good mentor? I'm sociable and usually feel good to other people. I can relate to the position and the feelings of another. My way of communicating is positive. I'm easy-going, enthusiastic and I motivate others by take into account their views

o did or do you have a mentor in your career? I have had a mentor several times in my career

o anything else you want to share with the world? Try to identify the real problem as much as possible

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