Internal mentoring consultancy

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We strongly believe in the power of internal mentoring to support the growth of your employees and leaders.

Boost the effectiveness of your internal mentoring as an essential tool in your Learning & Development program with these nine essential ingredients. Ambits share its knowledge and know-how about mentoring.

internal mentoring

Advice on

internal mentoring

  • 1

    Well-defined goals & expectations

  • 2

    A clear mentoring process

  • 3

    A straightforward mentoring methodology

  • 4

    A solid code of conduct for both mentor & mentee

  • 5

    Mentors with the mentoring mindset

  • 6

    A strong matching process

  • 7

    Support for the mentors

  • 8

    Efficient mentoring software

  • 9

    A coordinator/point of contact

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