Wesley Boers

Wesley Boers

  • Secteur d'activité

    • FMCG
    • Ingénierie
    • Utilités
    • Consultance
  • Emploi de mentorat d'entreprise

    • Products & Services
    • Innovation
    • Gestion du changement

Profil du mentor d'entreprise

  • 15 years M-level experience in Consumer Products, Engineering, Utilities and Consultancy
  • Leader in several successful transformative R&D innovation projects
  • Facilitator of several successful innovation projects in both start-ups and corporates
  • ACTP certified integral and systemic coach

I'm Wesley Boers and a proud member of the Ambits mentor community. For me personally, it's great to be part of this group of individuals, each with their own specific background, expertise, and perspective. And secondly, since I'm living in Singapore, it's great to be part of this community because it's a sign of Ambits' international ambition not only to help organizations and leaders in Europe and Belgium but also worldwide.

Myself, I started my career as a biochemical engineer at Procter & Gamble, responsible for the product development of various consumer good categories and since P&G is known for its growth from within the culture, I learned very quickly the impact you can have as a teacher, as a mentor, or as a coach. And in parallel, I had the opportunity to overlook various global innovation projects where I worked and resided in not only Latin America, but also North America and Asia, experiencing first-hand the upsides of interacting with a diverse and inclusive team.

And after these twelve years at P&G, we moved as a family to Germany where I joined Ecolab, a key B2B player in the chemical and service industry, overlooking a value improvement program.

And today, living and working out of Singapore, I help leaders, I help teams and organizations to change and to transform.

And over this entire period, the key lesson that sticks to me is that it's by people, for people. You can have the best strategies, you can have the best tactics, you can have the best frameworks, but if you don't have the people, you will not get far.

After spending more than a decade on product chemistry, I focus today on people chemistry and that's exactly in line with the vision of Ambits: helping organizations and managers through leadership development.

And what I bring to the table as an Ambits mentor is my combination of fifteen years of corporate innovation, knowing how to apply, knowing how to combine design thinking, lean, and agile frameworks. And in parallel, being a certified, Integral & Systemic Coach, helping organizations on how to build and foster the culture of innovation, how to become a learning organization, and how to look at the team and organizational dynamics. Becoming aware of patterns that could either stimulate or impede the desired innovation and change.

And through this passion for systemic leadership, I also co-chair today our Ambits system thinking workgroup where we discuss and share insights on systemic awareness that help today's leaders.

I'm looking forward to seeing you down the road.

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