Roeland Van Den Dungen

Roeland Van Den Dungen

  • Secteur d'activité

    • Fabrication
    • Secteur de la finance et des assurances
    • Soins de santé
  • Emploi de mentorat d'entreprise

    • Gestion financière
    • Start-ups & Scale-ups
    • Gestion du changement

Profil du mentor d'entreprise

  • 35 years of experience in Manufacturing, Financial Services and Healthcare
  • Passionate change agent
  • Strong people management experience in an international context
  • Seasoned coach and trainer

The unique Roeland

Roeland is CFO during office hours and cycler, kayaker, motor rider, and pilot of a sports plane when not working. And he still finds time to read a lot, preferably biographies and historical novels. Currently, on his nightstand lie bios of JFK and Chroetsjov and a book on the Dreyfuss-affair.

is his (tragical) hero because of his empathy, honesty, loyalty, transparency, tact, politeness, drive, and healthy, humorous self-criticism.

Being a prepared man with a plan, Lincoln's "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax” is the motto Roeland lives by.

Young Roeland would be advised to be patient, be transparent, and be fair. And to listen to the signals of the body while respecting a healthy work/life balance.

Roeland is an experienced teacher and mentor. He is patient, leads by example, likes to work with sounding boards and towards consensus-driven solutions.

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