Katia Battheu

Katia Battheu

  • Industry | NL

    • Telco
  • Business Mentoring Job | NL

    • Customer Operations
    • Marketing & Sales

Business Mentor profile | EN

My track record till now:

  • 20+ years in the Telco sector with the following red wire: inspiring my teams to go the extra smile for our customers whilst ensuring an environment that allows them to feel safe and grow
  • Very much aware that successes are only realized through forming coalitions, engaging with stakeholders at all parts of the organization
  • Staying true to following my heart and being receptive to feedback at all times from all people crossing my road
  • Dare to explore the unknown, initiate and drive the necessary change programs to keep at pace with the ever-changing world around us

How others describe me :

  • Authentic, integer, genuine intention to make people grow, energy-giving thanks to pragmatic & enthusing leadership, sound portion of people knowledge, inspiring, result-oriented, realistic

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