Joris Van Brempt

Joris Van Brempt

  • Industry | NL

    • Life Sciences
    • Healthcare
    • Legal
  • Business Mentoring Job | NL

    • Legal
    • General Management
    • Operational Management

Business Mentor profile | EN

  • 20 years of experience in Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Deep expertise in regulatory affairs
  • People management experience in multinational environments
  • Start-up & scale-up investor

The unique Joris

Cycling, running, skiing, and far-away traveling
with his wife and twin daughters are some of the things Joris loves to do the most.

He reads about finance, economy, and philosophy and is fascinated by intellectuals who can translate the incomprehensible into human language. Currently, a Stephen Hawkins' book lies on his nightstand.

Joris likes challenges, physically as well as intellectually. Looking at the world with a totally different pair of eyes is why Joris is passionate about modern and contemporary art.

Not one single hero, but a whole pleiad of heroes from Prof. Vermeersch over Bezos and Federer to Munch, comes to mind when talking about exceptional and amazing people.

The resilience principle drives Joris but at the same time, he respects the Carpe Diem-motto. No surprise, his favorite dog is a Jack Russel 😉

Young Joris he'd advise being more patient, less a perfectionist, practicing active listening, and thinking less binary.

As a young scientist, Joris was given many opportunities, not in the least, by the several top mentors he had by his side and who convinced him that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

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