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Let your managers benefit from the wisdom of a Business Mentor with proven leadership experience. Someone who guides them on their journey towards excellent leadership and team management.

A mentor

  • Is trustworthy

    • Can be vulnerable in admitting to past mistakes, setbacks and areas of struggle
    • Creates a psychologically safe and confidential sounding board
    • Provides an impartial external perspective
    • Maintains a positive attitude and willingness to persist in overcoming roadblocks to the mentee’s growth and development
  • All-in-one

    • Combines techniques from coaching, training, change management with proven business leadership expertise
    • Has a laser focus on the goals the mentee has set out to achieve
    • Challenges to think differently and with open eyes and mind to different perspectives
    • Advises on practical people skills for tough situations
    • Provides a holistic and life-changing experience
  • Has the mindset

    • Curiosity: to learn about what makes the mentee grow. Doesn’t make assumptions but instead asks questions
    • Humility: believes he/she still has much to learn and doesn’t put themselves on a pedestal
    • Respect for difference: believes that he/she can have a perfectly functional relationship with someone who is quite different in many ways

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