Paul Van Cotthem

Paul Van Cotthem

  • Industry

    • Telco
    • ICT
    • Media & Entertainment
  • Business Mentoring Job

    • Marketing & sales
    • Strategic management
    • General management

Business Mentor profile

  • 35 years of experience in Telco, ICT and Media & Entertainment
  • Senior professional with broad experience in many aspects of marketing
  • Leadership experience in corporate and scale-up environments
  • Strong in supporting interpersonal and group excellence

The unique Paul

Paul describes himself as a “rebellious glass-half-full optimist”. Therefore and because of his drive to challenge the status quo, to disrupt conventions, and to strive for growth, he chose to work at challenger companies like Xerox, Apple, and Telenet.

At the latter, his mentor Duco Sickinghe held up a mirror, depicting more decades in the same corporate setting. 'Disrupt yourself' was the selfless advice Paul received. Also inspired by a long-time hero, Professor Keating of the movie Dead Poet Society, and true to his life motto "The journey is the reward, take the road less traveled by”, Paul said goodbye to corporate life at the height of his career. Together with his wife, he set up a consultancy company TurnLeaf Marketing Advisors.

When not on bike trekking trips, Paul spends his spare time voraciously reading about marketing, technology, science, economics & politics.

Why mentoring: "To help and inspire high-potential people to overcome barriers and fears, and to support and guide them to reach their full human and business potential."

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Stay hungry, stay foolish" is the advice Paul would give young Paul.

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