How does it work

  • Shadow



    • 6 months

    • Min. 2x/month

    • Total of 24 hrs

    • 2hrs/session

  • Edge



    • 6 months

    • Min. 1x/week

    • Total of 36 hrs

    • 1,5 hr/session

  • Mastery



    • 3 months

    • Min. 1x/week

    • Total of 48 hrs

    • 4 hrs/session

Business Mentoring creates visible leadership improvement

Based on your needs, you choose one of our three Business Mentorship programs.

You spend your package of mentoring hours flexibly throughout the mentoring journey.

Mentoring sessions can be done on-site and/or remotely.

  • The Ambits Mentoring Methodology

    The Ambits Mentoring Methodology

    Ambits provides evidence-based Business Mentoring.

    We define the mentoring objectives at the start and align them with the business objectives. We measure the progress throughout the mentoring journey to prove the real impact. Mentoring is successful only when the objectives are achieved.

  • Preparation of the mentee’s journey

    Preparation of the mentee’s journey

    • 1 Ambits does an intake with the mentee and relevant stakeholders (N+1 of the mentee, HR, …) and sets
      • Specific needs aligned with the business objectives
      • Duration and frequency of mentoring
      • Reporting to the stakeholders
    • 2 Ambits proposes three candidate Business Mentors to the mentee
    • 3 Mentee has a speed date with the three candidates and makes his/her choice
    • 4 The mentee starts the mentoring journey with his/her Business Mentor

The Ambits mentoring journey consists of three phases

The three phases guarantee a systemic approach and create a sustainable leadership impact.

  • Connect

    Phase 1


    Understand the mentee and his/her environment

    • Personal ambitions
    • Company ambitions
    • Company culture
    • Dominant leadership style
  • Iterate

    Phase 2


    Implement hands-on leadership advice

    • Put advice immediately in practice
    • Analyze the impact of advice
    • Change the course of action if needed
    • Define personal leadership best practices
  • Embed

    Phase 3


    Make leadership transition sustainable

    • Continue disciplined practicing
    • Analyze further the impact on the environment
    • Increase personal impact
    • Turn leadership best practices into new routines
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