A digital transformation case

Your ambition: digital transformation including new data tools. You aim to understand better customer needs by analyzing their buying behavior. You expect IT to build a future proof platform for a business transformation.

A digital transformation case

Mentoring results


above transformation goals

  • Team takes ownership
  • Micro-management eliminated
  • Open feedback culture
  • Efficient team meetings
  • Mentee becomes mentor
  • Team exceeded agreed transformation goals by +15% within timeframe

Business Mentor profile

  • 30 years experience in Retail, Manufacturing and Financial Services
  • 8 successful digital transformations in international corporates
  • Multidisciplinary team leader
  • Certified change manager
  • Certified Prince2 and Agile
  • Phase 1


    Understand the playing field. Connect with company culture and leadership.

    • Fix the objectives and how to measure:
      • Detect and mitigate the human pitfalls
      • Make people embrace the transformation
      • Co-create the right leadership for middle management
  • Phase 2


    • Implement hands-on advice:
      • Empower team members to take up responsibilities
      • Train team members to give and receive feedback
      • Improve team meeting dynamics
    • Transformation support
      • Start with quick wins
      • Eliminate negatives impacting the current culture
      • Hands-on collaboration and project execution
    • Change course of action if needed
      • Begin small, fail fast, learn & improve
  • Phase 3


      • Evaluate impact on the transformation job
      • Consolidate successful practices and culture
      • Reinforce and reward the new behavior

Reinforce leadership

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