Ambits reinforces managers in their leadership through Business Mentoring. To bring your people and business into balance.

Your people are struggling to implement a new strategy. Your implementation is out of control due to human bottlenecks. You attempt to solve it with training, coaching, and more consultancy. We’ve heard it time and time again.

Ambits offers a new service, centered on pragmatically guiding your people in their personal transition in becoming an effective leader.

Our vision

Helping to achieve your leadership ambitions

We reinforce managers in their leadership via guidance of business mentors with expertise and all the scars of learning to create an immediate and sustainable impact.

  • Ambits Northern Star

    Ambits Northern Star

    Basic and fundamental beliefs that guide and motivate our attitudes and actions

    1. Self-awareness: the ability to see ourselves clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection

    2. Growth mindset: with a growth mindset we are convinced our skills and intelligence are improved with effort and persistence.
    We embrace challenges, push out of our comfort zone, persist through obstacles, learn from criticism, and seek out inspiration in others’ success

    3. Authenticity: we are true to our own’s personality, values, and character. We aspire to be sincere, honest, and reliable

    4. Humility: our behavior is grounded in a fundamental belief in equality and respect for others

    5. Servanthood: we focus primarily on the growth and well-being of other people and the communities to which they belong.
    We strive to put the needs of others first and to help other people to achieve their objectives


  • Gerrit Sarens

    Gerrit Sarens

    An all-around entrepreneur with strong academic roots: 10+ years as a professor at several national and international universities.

    Hands-on experience as consultant, coach, and director in diverse organizational contexts.

    Proven mentoring experience in diverse fields. Strong interest in leadership challenges.

    A clear vision on how to align people and business.


  • Veerle Seymus

    Veerle Seymus

    Seasoned HR consultant & manager focusing on human capital optimization.

    Strong track record in SMEs and fast-growing companies.

    Experienced entrepreneur with a nose for business development and connecting people.

    Better leaders make happier people make successful organizations make a better world.


  • David Van der Smissen

    David Van der Smissen

    Business advisor with commercial flair. Passion for business development & helping clients grow and overcome obstacles.

    Curious by nature and always there to think along towards solutions.

    Experience as consultant, in customer service and mostly in sales, with a keen interest in change management and technology.

    People and culture are the cornerstones of any successful (digital) transformation; you better take good care of your people!

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